With a short visit in Poznań: city of two goats

Among all the Polish cities, that one definitely deserves some attention. The main city of Greater Poland has a lot of attractions for tourists. It is a good location for those who like to sightsee new places at weekends. In two days it is possible to see some interesting things in Poznań.

Ostrow Tumski – here it all begins

That part is an island on the Warta river. It is connected with the rest of the city by two bridges. That place is very meaningful for Polish history. Here, more than a thousand years ago Mieszko I had his borough. Poznań become an important religious centre because the bishopric was located here. Now tourists visit that place for the beautiful cathedral (one of the oldest Polish churches) and archaeological reserve.

Stay in touch with nature

Those who like flora and fauna more than architecture should visit local zoo. The history of Old Zoo reaches 19th century, since then it has been functioning continuously. Together with a new one, it is available for visitors and it is one of the biggest and oldest zoological gardens in Poland. In the newer part many endangered exotic animals can be seen. Another interesting place is the biggest palm house in Poland. When someone likes tropical climate, he cannot miss a visit here. Locals also relax by the Lake Malta.

The old town of Poznań

Tourists often visit the main square in the middle of a day. Why? At noon, on the tower of the town hall they can admire two mechanical goats that fight. It is possible only at this time every day. The town hall itself also draws attention. It is an example of Renaissance architecture. Over the years it was rebuilt several times (inter alia because of the fire). Nowadays a museum is located inside, it does not play its former role. Visitors also like the colourful town houses around. Another noticeable building is the Scales House, where the wares were weighted. Now it is a place of cultural events.

Other places to see

These days city administration works in a building, which was functioning some years ago as Jesuits’ College. In 18th century it was a very prestigious school where the monks were teaching. The interesting fact is that Napoleon Bonaparte was staying here for some time. Someone interested in history ought to see the Imperial Castle – the example of Neo-Romanesque, architectural style from the beginning of 20th century.

Two days is definitely not enough to see everything in Poznań. However, with a good plan it is possible to visit the most popular attractions and sense the atmosphere of that city.