Vienna – a city worth visiting

Welcome to Vienna, an incredible city located in Austria. It is the capital city of the country and the most populous city, too. This article will present some basic information on the city that is worth to know before you get on the plane.

“Imperial Vienna” – in this way the city is often called. It is a symbol of luxury, good taste and splendour in the eyes of many international tourists. In accordance to the results of one of the popular reports, it is said that the standard of living in the Austrian capital is the highest in the world. Moreover, if you add a lot of monuments and places where you may enjoy the Austrian culture, it is not surprising that a huge number of tourists arrive in Vienna to discover the city each year. Moreover, if you are already in Europe, you may make a use of several cheap bus and plane connections and travel directly to Vienna (https://www.lot.com/airline-tickets/flights-to-vienna).

The sightseeing of Vienna

If you are in Vienna, you cannot miss the landmarks of the city. One of them is placed in Vienna city centre – it is a column that was constructed after the great plague of 1679. It is a place where many people were buried. It is also worth visiting Albertina, a gallery where graphics and drawings funded by Prince Albert are exhibited. The art enthusiasts may also visit the Kunsthistorisches Museum- the Museum of Art History- its collection is considered to be the largest in the world. The tourists who would like to learn more about history of Vienna should go to the Museum of Natural History. What is more, it is also worth to dedicate some time to see the Hofburg Palace that is well-known for combining several architectural styles, for example baroque and classicism. There is located the official residence of the Austrian president, museum and the Austrian National Library. Equally impressive is the Rathausplatz where you may find the neo-Gothic town hall (Wiener Rathaus), the Austrian parliament that is dated back the nineteenth-century, the University of Vienna and the Burgtheater that is available to the spectators since the eighteenth century.

Where to overnight in Vienna?

The city offers so much for the visitors that is definitely worth to dedicate more time. The city offers numerous properties to overnight placed in different districts of Vienna, including the city centre. Moreover, the city is available for every tourist because there are placed cheap hostels as well as the most exclusive 5-star hotels. However, the most popular types of accommodation in Vienna are hotels, hostels, apartments and guest houses.