Unforgettable vacation in Chicago

United States of America is probably one of the most popular countries in entire world, check connections on www.lot.com. Nothing surprising in that, cause most of the cult movies and TV series are American, so we know cities in there really well. You are planning a trip to visit your family in Chicago? You need to know which monuments are worth to be visited and how to prepare for a road.

Collect all the documents

USA is one of the headrest countries to reach for Polish travelers. It is all because of visa, which we still require to enter the States. Of course if you want to get visa you also have to have a valid passport. Start all the preparations several months ahead, even one year earlier. Cause to get a visa you need to book a meeting with American consul, and a queue may be very long. You can arrange that online, you can choose embassy in Warsaw or Cracow. Unfortunately for an interview you need to meet a consul in person, so prepare for a road to one of those cities.

Main monuments

Chicago has the biggest population of Polish immigrants than any city in the entire world. That is why while being in there you may meet some Polish shops, restaurants and other public places. The city is also filled with amazing skyscrapers, you can climb on a top of one of those, named Skydeck. It is amazing observational place, situated hundreds of meters from the ground. Another nice deck is situated in the John Hancock Center. Also in Chicago is situated the tallest building in North America, Willis Tower. One of the finest attractions in the city is a trip to the Museum of Science and Industry. in there you will have a rare opportunity to visit a mine, get into airplane simulator and explore a lot more fascinating things. Even if you are not interested in sport, you have to go for at least one game and visit huge Baseball court, situated in the center of Chicago. The atmosphere is fascinating, people are friendly and very happy.

Another attractions

Navy Pier is the longest jetty in entire Chicago, and very popular place for citizens and travelers. Plenty attractions are waiting for you in there, including a ride on a huge big wheel. If you are an admirer of a paintings a visit in the Art Institute is a brilliant idea. It is one of the biggest collection of European and American artists in the world, includes work of Rubens, Rembrandt, or Picasso. If you like to do some shopping before you come back to Poland, you can visit the legendary mall, Macy’s. Shops like that are situated in each bigger city in USA.