Travel by plane – ideas for 2018

Planning of a future vacation is very pleasant, but also in a lot of situations – very difficult. Nowadays, because of popularity of airline carriers, people from Poland are able to travel wherever they like without spending entire fortune. That is why sometimes is hard to decide on an option. Here are couple of nice ideas for holidays in 2018.


This amazing metropolis is probably the most popular city in entire Spain. It is mostly because of a nice weather and closeness of a seashore. However the main rason of it fame is architecture, designed by Antonio Gaudi in the end of nineteenth century. Those amazing buildings are interesting combination of Catalonian and Gothic style. The most magnificent is Sagrada Familia, Catholic cathedral with really sophisticated design. Another nice monument by Gaudi is Casa Milla, really beautiful mansion in shape of a waves, with a lot of colorful detail on exterior walls.


Those romantic knows anybody, however still a lot of Polish travelers haven’t have an opportunity to explore it. Nowadays you may buy a plane website ticket to Paris, in both sides, for 120 zlotys, you shouldn’t miss this opportunity for sure. The city is known for a lot of popular monuments, like Eiffel Tower or Notre Dame cathedral. Also you can visit another interesting, however not medieval, church, Sacre Coeur basilica. It was constructed in the beginning of twentieth century, in Romanesque Revival style. That is why the buildings looks like a castle from medieval times. It is situated in the top of mount Montmartre, in a district of the same name. This used to be area populated by main artists of Paris, including Hemmingway or Modigliani. In Montmartre you can also visit popular Moulin Rouge theatre.


Even if most of travel agencies are offering trips mostly to island’s part of Greece, also the capital is worth to be visited. It is huge city with access to the sea, and a lot of interesting monuments. On the city center you will see a Placa, old, Gothic square, right in front of Acropolis hill. This mountain is a home for plenty of interesting ruins from ancient times, like Parthenon for example. Ticket costs about 10 euro and it give you an opportunity to see remains from close perspective. And even panorama from the top of Acropolis is amazing. In the beginning of a road to the top of hill, an Ancient Artifacts Museum is situated. You may enter it for free if only you have a ticket for Acropolis, it has a lot of nice monuments.