Travel by place

Travel by place – why is it better than traveling by train?

Plane journey seems to have numerous advantages. However, there are not many articles that compare this type of traveling with other popular mean of transport- train.

The advantages and disadvantages

First of all, it is worth to focus on the time of journey. When your distance is about 1000 kilometers, the train journey lasts about eight or even ten hours. On the other hand, when you get on the plane you will reach the destination within 70 minutes. It is really impressive and one of the reasons why so many people select planes and treat them like “sky buses”. Nevertheless, it is worth to mention that the journey from A to B does not last 70 minutes. The passengers have to show up at the airport at least 2 hours before the flight when they travel with big suitcases or 40 minutes before when they travel with handbags taken on the board. There is also security check and some objects cannot be taken in the handbags. However, when you travel by train, you simply get on the train – there is no security check and no luggage restrictions. To sum up, when it comes to time – plane is much faster.

Secondly, it is worth to tell something more about the comfort of traveling. When it comes to low-cost airlines and short distance routes, the flights are served in the least comfortable planes. They are designed to carry as many passengers as it is possible to reduce the expenses for the passengers. When the flight lasts few hours only, it is comfortable enough for less demanding customers. However, when you select traveling by train, you may count on more place, especially for legs and the possibility to walk freely on the corridor. Traveling by plane lot airlines is more popular option especially for people who cannot stand standing still for long hours.

The last aspect is the price of the tickets. When it comes to those means of transport, there is no leader. It all depends on the length of the distance and the time when you purchase the tickets. That is why, sometimes it is possible to purchase very cheap flight ticket, for example for 10 pounds when the train ticket costs 30 pounds. What is more, sometimes it is worth to know where the destination is located because the train does not reach every destination, for example where the city is located on the ocean.

Traveling by plane and by plane is completely different. Traveling by train is more domestic while traveling by plane is a great mean of transport for international and intercontinental routes.