The finest monuments in Bratislava

Summer time in Europe is really nice and warm, it is also perfect opportunity to do some sightseeing in the finest metropolis. Nowadays we have a lot of alternatives to select, sometimes it is very difficult to choose among so many options. If you wish to see some nice capital, with a lot of monuments to offer, you should visit Bratislava.

Mode of transportation

In present time if you like to visit Slovakia you can use an airplane as your mode of transportation. Flights to Bratislava are available from each, international airfield in Poland, like Wroclaw, Warsaw or Cracow for example. The price of a ticket depends on a date and a time when you book it. For instance, if you buy a ticket six months before the flight you will pay even two times less than in the day of departure. However not everybody feel comfortable on board. If you are person like that, you have another modes of transportation to choose. Slovakia is situated by our southern border, so a trip by bus, train or car won’t take too long.

The best monuments

The capital of Slovakia is situated by the Danube River, one of the longest in entire world. This picturesque scene is one of the reason to visit Bratislava, for sure. During your sightseeing you will be able to pass by many lovely and historical bridges, especially during the sunny day it will be huge pleasure. But the biggest amount of monuments you will find in the area of old town. The nicest object is probably The Old City Hall, formed in the medieval times. The buildings were reconstructed plenty of times during next centuries, that is why nowadays it is an interesting combination of Gothic, Renaissance and Baroque style. Another place worth to be seen in Hlavne nemestie. It is huge square inside of old town, probably the most popular meeting spot in entire Bratislava. You will find in there many lovely buildings and mansions, and also some gift shops, restaurants and pubs.

Local cuisine

You cannot visit Bratislava without tasting delicious cuisine of the country. In the area of old town you will find many interesting restaurants. If you are a fan of a soups, you may taste Kapustnica, delicious meal made of sour cabbage and a lot of meat. They are serving this soup with a large slice of local bread. Really important ingredient in Slovakia’s cuisine is bryndza, cottage cheese made of sheep’s milk. You can it the dumplings with fruits or in a savory way – with meat. If you like stew in a Polish style, you have to taste Milano sauce, made from tomatoes and sour cream, served with a boiled, pork meat and dumplings.