The best monuments in Poznan

Polish travelers are able to visit very distant lands for holidays, because of very low prices of airline tickets. However also in Poland there are many of interesting cities worth to be visited. People, who like to do some sightseeing in a beautiful, historical city, should go for a trip to the Poznan, the capital of Greater Poland.

By car or an airplane?

Depending on a place we are living in, another mode of transportation will be perfect. People from the western Poland may go to the Poznan using cars, trains or even buses. The trip will take only couple of hours, so it may be very pleasant. The most expensive option is train, however it give as opportunity to observe the panorama on the road. If you are going for a trip with couple of friends car should be the cheapest option. But also the airplane is great mode of transportation, especially for a people, who are living in a big cities with international airfields. Domestic flights are very cheap, you only have to buy it fast enough.

Historical monuments

As a typical city based according of Magdeburg’s law, Poznan has one, huge Square situated in the middle, which is surrounding by lovely mansions, situated side by side. In the central part of the Square you will notice the City Hall, astonishing, Renaissance building. Every day you may heard an Anthem of the Poznan, which is playing from the main tower. During a walk across the square, you will be able to admire historical mansions, build in Baroque, Art Nouveau, Renaissance style. In the grounds floor of each building you may find gift shops, pubs and restaurants. And if you like to see even more, interesting monuments, you need to visit Ostrow Tumski. It is a small island in the middle of a river, filled with historical buildings, like Gothic Cathedral for example.

Another attractions

People who are admirers of animals will be happy to visit Poznan, cause in this city you may find two different zoological gardens. First, the old one now is mainly a sanctuary for rescued farm animals, like foxes, raccoons and cows. In the new zoo you can find huge collection of exotic animals of many kinds, like tigers, elephants, lions, giraffes and a lot more. If you are traveling with a children you should go to the Blubry, interactive museum, where you will be able to observe animations based on a legends about the city. And if you like to know,, how the city used to looks like in the medieval times, you may see the dummer of an old town.