The best monuments in Berlin

City break idea of travelling is getting more and more popular among Polish tourists. Nowadays, people are a lot more wealthy and can afford a couple of trips during the year, therefore longer weekend holidays are perfect for them. People, who like to visit one of the finest metropolis in |Europe can go to the Berlin, capital of Germany.

How to get there?

This interesting city is situated about two hour road from the western borders of Poland. That is why if you are living in this part of our country a trip to Berlin by train or bus is a very good idea. You can use an offer in private carriers, it is comfortable and cheap. Train is more expensive, however it give you an opportunity to admire amazing panorama during the road. Citizens from big cities with an international airports may go to the Berlin by an airplane, thanks to cheap airline companies this option is very reasonable. You only have to remember to book your flight very soon, to get the best price.


The capital of Germany was totally ruined during the last war, so you won’t find in there plenty of historical buildings. One of the finest objects like that is the Gate of Brandenburg, Classical building founded in the late eighteenth century. Outside the city center, you may also visit the Palace in Charlottesbourg, beautiful former residence of German overlords. It is also a nice occasion to explore some amazing interior design from Baroque and Rococo style. Another nice attraction in Berlin is the Memorial of Holocaust’s Victims, founded several years ago. It is a huge square covered with black stones, situated side by side. If you like to feel the spirit of artistic capital, you can go for a trip to Kreutzberg, district situated in the western part of Berlin. It is filed with small art galleries, charming coffee shops and tasty restaurants. Also most of local mansions are covered with colorful murals, it looks amazing.

Another attractions

You shouldn’t go for a trip to Berlin without visiting the Island of Museums, situated in the city center. It is filled with interesting galleries with paintings and other artifacts. In there you will have an opportunity to admire the Gate of Ishtar, authentic architectural part of Ancient temple from Babylon. In the Bode Museum you will see interesting collections dedicated to the German culture. It contains vintage furniture, historical coins, ethnographic artifacts and a lot more. And if you like to see remains of the Berlin Wall go for a trip to the East Side Gallery in Kreutzberg.