The best cities in Canada

Northern America is one of the most wealthy part of the world, thanks to local countries, United States and Canada. The second place is maybe colder, but also has a lot better reputation. During last decade number of travelers visiting this country get bigger, mainly because of the fact, that we don’t need to have a visa to go there anymore. If you are planning a trip to Canada, you have to choose one of those locations.


This beautiful metropolis is situated in the eastern part of Canada, in the French part of it. It used to be very important colony for an European people, you may still notice it in the architecture of Montreal. The oldest building in entire city is the Notre Dame Cathedral. It was founded in the France in medieval times, and after couple of centuries deconstructed and shipped to Canada. In the city you can also visit very interesting Botanical Garden, filled with amazing exotic plants. Another nice piece of the sacral architecture is the church of Saint Joseph, designed in the Baroque style. Montreal is also filled with nice examples of Revival architecture, like the city hall, founded according to Renaissance style.


This is probably the most modern city in entire Canada, popular mostly because of CN Tower. For couple of decades this was the tallest building on the world. At the top of it the amazing observational deck is located, you shouldn’t miss a trip to this point. If you like to be in the middle of the urban jungle, go for a trip to the Bay Street. It is an area in which the biggest, international concerns has their head quarters. If you like to see more historical attraction, you have to go to Ontario Legislative Building, founded in the Baroque Revival style.


This city is situated in the another, western side of the shore of Canada, therefore a flight will be more expensive and longer. However a trip to Vancouver will be phenomenal, because city is very special. It is known for the biggest amount of public parks in the one metropolis. That is why the air is clean in there and there are plenty of areas of green to visit. The biggest is the Queen \Elizabeth Park, with huge big wheel in the middle. While visiting the Vancouver you have to go to the China Town, biggest object like that in the country. In the central part you will find Dr Sun Yat Sen Classical Garden, amazing example of Asian gardening. And if you like to admire some interesting paintings, go to the Vancouver Art Gallery.