Sightseeing in London

United Kingdom is one of the oldest countries in our continent, first countries were formed in there in the sequel of Ancient times. That is why entire England is covered with many interesting cities, which may offer a lot of attractions to the travelers (check here). But if you have never been to Great Britain before you should start your journey in London, the capital.

Various architecture

The last time when England was invaded by foreign country was in the beginning of eleventh century. Since then live in there was very peaceful, and London still has a lot of historical buildings to offer. One of the oldest monument in the capital is the Tower, founded by William the Conqueror. It used to be a main residence of royal family since the beginning of fifteenth century. Then it was transformed into the prison for political convicts, even Mary of Stuarts was kept in there for a very long period of time. Next important building in a map of the London is Westminster Palace, where British parliament has it headquarter. It was founded in the second part of nineteenth century, after the previous building was destroyed during the fire. It is very interesting example of Gothic Revival style, but the building is mostly popular because of the Big Ben tower, attached to it. If you like to see some interesting example of medieval Gothic, you shouldn’t miss a trip to the Westminster Abby. The best part of the complex is the cathedral, a place where each coronation is taking place since medieval times.

Tour around the galleries

London is also the best place to explore some interesting paintings, not only of British artists, but also ones from the other parts of Europe. In National Museum you can admire masterpieces by Gainsborough, Waterhouse, Blake, Rossetti and another, brilliant British artists. A trip to Tate Britain is a good opportunity to admire the most popular painters on the world, you will find there works by Rembrandt, Rubens, van Delft, Botticelli and a lot more. In Modern Tate you can find paintings from the twentieth century, a lot more modern. Picasso, Dali, Kandinsky, Magritte for example have in there their collections. If you are interested in the very ancient times, you may visit the Museum of National History. It is one of a kind opportunity to be able to see skeletons of dinosaurs in the real sizes. It looks very amazing. And if you are more into pop culture, you may visit in London the gallery of wax figures, Madame Tussauds. It is nice option if you like to take a picture with celebrities.