Sightseeing in Baltic countries

Typical holidays in tropical country is very nice, but this option is getting less and less popular. Nowadays people are more into sightseeing than tanning, so they prefer to visit places with interesting monuments to explore. If you are organizing a future holidays and you wish to see some magical area, go for a tour around the Baltic countries.


This is one of the prettiest countries in this part of an Europe, especially it capital, Tallinn is worth to be visited. The capital has really amazing old town, entire area was inscribe on the UNESCO list. You can get lost inside of small, narrow streets, covered with red bricks. You will passing by the elegant mansions from Renaissance and Baroque era, see some interesting temples, Orthodox and Catholic ones. If you are interested in the country and it past, go for a tour to Museum of Estonia’s History. You will learn a lot about this small but interesting land, and it connections with Polish kingdom. In the old town you may visit some nice, traditional restaurant to taste delicious cuisine of Estonia. You can try a reindeer soup, dumplings stuffed with meat, or various types of fish.


This country is even more important to Poland than Estonia, cause during many centuries we were ruled by the same families of kings. If you wish to track Polish steps in there, the best option you will have into the capital, Vilnius. In local university plenty of popular, Polish artists were studding in a past, including Mickiewicz. Another important area of Vilnius is Ostra Gate. It used to be a part of a huge fortification, now it is only a small altar with a picture of Saint Mary. If you are interested into late Gothic architecture, the church of Bernard’s will gain your attention. it was formed from the red brick in the late, fifteenth century.


And the last of charming, Baltic countries is Latvia, situated between the Lithuania and Estonia. Especially the capital, Riga is perfect spot for sightseeing. It is another city with one, central square, that is the oldest part of it. Also Riga has amazing monuments in this area, especially Art Noveau mansions are amazing. If you have never been to the protestant temple, in Riga you have to visit the Cathedral, you will be shocked how interior design is sustainable. Also, you should go for a tour to the Skyscraper of Science, it was founded from the same project as Polish Palace of Culture and Science. Another nice monument in the old town is Great Glide, founded in English Gothic style.