Prepare for a travel abroad

In present times, a huge part of Polish travelers, especially younger ones tried before a flight by a plane or organization of holidays by themselves. However still some people don’t have an experiences like that. If you are individual like that, and you wish to plan your first trip to the United States, here are some important rules.

Visa to USA

If you only have a Polish citizenship you won’t be able to travel abroad to States without special kind of visa. The document is valid for one year, so you should start organization several months ahead. Remember, that you have to get visa before you book a ticket. Otherwise, if something bad happen and you won’t get this document, you will lose your money. Unfortunately you need to meet American consul in person, cause he will interview you. But first you have to arrange a meeting – in Warsaw of Cracow. There is a queue for several weeks, so book it as soon as possible.

Find a decent flight

United States has plenty of amazing cities to offer. However, if you like to fly for a song you need to book a flight to New York (check here), even if it is not your final destination. NYC is amazing place, so you will be interested in exploration of it. Also, ticket to there can be even two times cheaper than a flight to Los Angeles, San Francisco or Miami. When you look on a map you may realize, that NYC is a lot closer to the Europe than those another cities. If you book a flight o NYC half a year before the journey, you may pay 1500 zlotys for a journey in both sides. Look for the airplanes that departures from London, Berlin or Prague, it should be cheaper than Warsaw for example. And do not worry if you better like to explore Los Angeles or San Francisco. After spending two days on sightseeing in NYC you may book a domestic flights to each city in the States with an airport, and it is in very reasonable price.

Prepare for a long flight

If you have never be on board on a plane before, you should prepare very well, especially if you are a women. Cause in time of a long trip, when you are still in a one position, some hazardous blood’s cloths may appear inside of your veins, it is very dangerous for your health. To avoid this type of situation you only have to take a longer walk, just before the departure. Also you should get up from time to time during the flight, stretch your legs and take a walk, to the bathroom for example. And also do not forget that you may get bored on board, so prepare some decent book.