London – perfect place for a trip

After Poland become a part of European Union, we get an opportunity to travel whole around the continent without passport, only ID is needed. Also, during last decade we became a lot richer as a society, so we can afford some nice trip, from time to time. If you like to take longer weekend break to explore some nice place, you can go to the London.

Book flight in reasonable price

This city was one of the first destinations available from Poland in offers of small airline companies (check here). Nowadays many thousands of Poles are living in there, so you can book a trip couple times during the week. However if you like to save a lot of cash you need to know how to book a trip wisely. First of all do not wait till the last minute, cause the earlier you buy a ticket the lower will be price of it. Also, you should avoid popular dates, like Christmas for examples. Cause Poles are coming back to country and airline carriers are offering bigger prices.

The best monuments

During your trip to London you will have plenty of opportunities to admire amazing architecture. If you like to see the vintage fortress from the early medieval times, the Towers will be perfect spot for you. It was build for the William the Conquer, the last invader in the Great Britain. Till the Renaissance era it was main residence of royals, nowadays you can see in there interesting interior design. Another important place in London in Westminster Palace, the headquarter of parliament. It was build in the Gothic Revival style, after former parliament were ruined in fire. The popular Bog Ben’s tower is part of this building. If you are interested in the royal family of Britain you can go to see the Buckingham Palace, amazing, Classical building, surrounded by French garden. And the best example of sacral architecture of London is Westminster cathedral, for sure. It is breathtaking, Gothic temple, made of white stone.

Another attractions

The first division of Madame Tussauds was opened in London, back in nineteenth century. That is why nowadays you will be able to admire in there many wax figures of celebrities from former decades. It is perfect place to take a nice picture with someone famous. If you like to see another nice attraction, go to the Museum of Natural History, where huge skeletons of dinosaurs may be found. And during the warm and dry day in London you should also visit the local zoologist garden, situated in the old town of capital. It has huge collection of exotic species, including panda and koala bears.