Katowice: an industrial climate and green terrains

Many people connect Silesia mainly with coal mining and industry. But the truth is that cities of that Polish region are also attractive touristically. Everyone who spends here several days can explore the very interesting places. Why Katowice and its surroundings are worth seeing?

The original architecture

Due to is industrial chdelightsaracter, many buildings here are quite new. Among the places that draw attention, the Silesian Theatre is worth seeing. It was built at the beginning of 20th century in Neoclassicism style and then rebuilt several times. Another place worth seeing is Nikiszowiec – the district of Katowice, built for the miners and their families. The main building material was the red brick. The regular arrangement of the multi-family houses and original construction elements are now monumental. Everyone who comes here can feel that specific, industrial climate.

Where the concerts take place…

No one can miss that place – it draws a lot of attention. Spodek is an arena, where the big concerts, sport events and cyclic exhibitions take place. Its construction was finished in early 70s. Due to its purposes, the construction looks like a UFO. Eleven thousand people can fit in that arena. Many concerts of famous artists (Metallica, Pearl Jam, Depeche Mode) took place here, as well as events like international volleyball championship. At night, Spodek delights with bright illuminations.

A place of entertainment and relax

When someone wants to take a rest in the green surroundings, he can go to the Valley of Three Ponds. That recreational complex is located in the middle of Katowice. In summer, it is possible to rent water equipment like kayaks or pedal boats. Cyclists also have routes here. A lot of families with children, couples and elderly people can be met here – it is a good place for everyone who needs to spend some time in a contact with nature.

Silesia Park: no chances for boredom!

Not everyone knows that this park is one of the biggest in Europe. It is located on the border of 3 cities of Silesian agglomeration. It is easy to get here from Katowice with the public transportation. Besides traditional forms of relax, it also contains a ZOO, where over 200 species can be seen. In that area, the huge Silesian Amusement Park with numerous attractions and carousels is also located. Silesian Park also contains the oldest Polish planetarium.

The Upper Silesian Agglomeration is not only connected with the industry. Many recreational areas and unique architecture attracts tourists – not only from Poland. A visit here is recommended.