Hungary – a country in central Europe

Hungary is a country placed in the Central Europe between Slovakia, Ukraine, Austria, Romania, Serbia, Croatia and Slovenia. It is one of the European Union’s member since 2004. The capital city of Hungary is Budapest (check here). Currently, Hungary is the eleventh most popular tourist destination in Europe – the country is visited by over 14 million holidaymakers every year. This article will point out the most significant reasons to visit the country and the main cities of Hungary.

The important cities of Hungary

The journey in Hungary can be started with the largest city of Hungary and the capital of the country- Budapest. During your stay in the city, it is worth to notice the national culture, monuments and unique nature. At the night, Budapest becomes the largest discotheque of the new Europe. You can visit one of hundreds of clubs where international music from all over the world is played. The capital of Hungary is considered to be one of the most beautiful places. The Danube divides Budapest into two unique parts. It is worth seeing Mount Gellert, Parliament, Monument Park, Zoological Garden, aquarium and Palace of Miracles. It is also worth to visit the Margaret island where are placed ruins of the Dominican monastery.

The second most popular destination in Hungary is the Lake Balaton. Balaton is frequently called “the Hungarian sea” and it is undoubtedly the most popular tourist destination. Along the shoreline there are placed picturesque villages and campsites. It is worth to visit Balatonfoldvar and Keszthely. The lake is also a perfect place for fishing and sailing enthusiasts. At night, the holidaymakers may enjoy the night life in discos, pubs and restaurants.

Another place worth visiting is Visegrád. Nowadays, it is really hard to believe that the small tourist town was once the capital of the Kingdom of Hungary. There, the tourists will find the Tower of Solomon or more precisely its reconstruction. There is also an old castle- a citadel. You can get by car using the charming road where you can admire the amazing view of the Danube Bend.

It is also worth mentioning that Hungary is also a great area of forests and different forms of nature. One of them is the National Park of the Hungarian Karst. It is placed on the Hungarian-Slovak border, in the northern part of Hungary. There you may find unusual rock forms. In addition to landscapes, you will also find here a huge number of caves, including the most popular one- the Baradla cave.