Holidays in Netherlands? Why not!

Most of the Polish people are better like an exotic holidays in some distant destinations in Asia or even South America. However still some of the travelers better like to sightseeing then laying on a sand and getting tan. If you are an individual like that you can travel to the Netherlands for future holidays. Which attractions are waiting for travelers in there?

Mode of transportation

After plenty of Polish citizens begin to move in there for a work, this country become more available, thanks to cheap airline companies. Netherlands are very small country, so you can fly to the Amsterdam and than use a public bus to reach another locations. Directly to the capital you can flight from Cracow or Warsaw. Another Polish airfields are taking passengers to the Eindhoven. another nice city. However, if you are afraid of flights, you can also go there by bus. The journey from the western part of Poland to Amsterdam will take about sixteen hours.


You cannot go to the Netherlands without visiting it capital. Amsterdam i very interesting city, not only because of drugs legality, but also thanks to nice monuments. You are able to go to the Ann Frank’s House, where plenty of souvenirs from Holocaust are gathered. This were a place where Ann and her family were hiding from Nazis. Another interesting object is Rembrandt House, where this amazing artist were living and working. It is filled with his paintings, letters and even private objects, like clothes and furniture. And if you like to explore some more you need to take a trip to the Red Light District. This is very interesting area, where beautiful women are offering their services, standing beside the glass window.

Another locations

About one hour road from the capital another nice city, Eindhoven is situated. A lot of Polish people are living in there, it is filled with amazing architecture. To explore the best monuments you may rent a bike and drive all day. It is very popular mode of transportation in Netherlands. Another nice city is Hagha, situated by the sea shore. But the best place in there is not a beach, but Binnenhof, huge complex of monuments from many periods of time. It is nice area to spend a sunny day. Next important place in the country is Rotterdam, you may find in there amazing architecture. If you are travelling with children you have to visit Mini World, fantastic collection of top monuments, shrank a lot. Also, in this city you can visit zoologist garden, filled with amazing species of animals.