Getting know a neighbors of Poland

Because of popularity of a small, airline companies, most of Polish people are travelling to holidays using an airplanes. Nothing surprising in that, cause this mode of transportation is cheap, comfortable and fast. However if you better like to travel by your own car you may choose one of our neighbors for a holidays destination.


The longest border Poland shares with Germany, we have very  colorful past, however nowadays we both lives in good commitment. If you are living in the western part of Poland this country will be perfect for your trip by car. Of course the most popular destination is Berlin, situated couple of hours road from Poland. If you have never been to this capital you have to do it right away. You can find in Berlin attractions attractive for each type of tourists. Kids will enjoy a trip to the zoologist garden. Art maniacs can visit a Island of Museum, with Nefertiti statue and Ishtar Gate for example. Almost everyone will enjoy the trip to the East Side Gallery, last part of Berlin Wall that remains, covered with beautiful murals.

Czech Republic

This small but pretty country is also popular within Polish tourists, almost during each time of a year. People, who are living in a southern west part of Poland are choosing Czech cities for a snowboard or skis. Nothing surprising in that, cause winter resorts in there are a lot more hi-tech, bigger and even cheaper. You can book a bed into charming hotel and spend two days on the hillside. And while being there do not miss the opportunity to taste delicious, Czech cuisine, like onion soup or grilled cheese. In the another times of year Prague will be perfect for sightseeing. This is one of the prettiest capitals in this side of Europe for sure. If you are interested in beautiful architecture, fascinating attractions and delicious beer this city is perfect for your vacations.


Even if this country isn’t part of European Union still, it becoming more and more popular among Polish travelers. Even older people are travelling there, cause west part of Ukraine used to be in Polish borders, so people are visiting home lands. You should especially visit Lviv, former Polish city with amazing architecture and interesting monuments. The city still is a bit ruin, but in the old part of it you may notice a lot of fascinating and renovating mansions. Because of the main religion in Ukraine, Lviv is a great place to see some Orthodox churches, even more sophisticated than Polish ones.