Finest monuments in Austria

When spring is finally coming we have a lot more energy to spend days in a productive way. But it is also perfect season to start planning vacations or just arranging some interesting, longer weekend trip. If you like to see some nice place and explore fascinating monuments you should consider to visit Austria, small country with amazing attractions.

Plan your trip

If you wish to visit Austria only on one location, it will be perfect to book a flight, it is comfortable, fast and sometimes very cheap option. You can book an airplane to the capital, Vienna, almost from each bigger airport in Poland here. It shouldn’t cost more than 150 zlotys in both sides, you only have to book it fast enough, at least several months ahead. Bit if you better wish to take a tour around entire country, you can rest a car or travel by yours. It will give you opportunity to explore many of amazing spots, not only capital, Vienna. Remember, that price of gasoline in Austria is a lot bigger than in Poland.


Every person born in Europe should visit this phenomenal capital at least once in a lifetime. It is filled with interesting monuments, so you won’t get bored in there. First of all you may go for a tour around former royal residences. First one in Schonbrunn, the biggest palace in Vienna, main home for the emperor and family in the past. It is amazing, Classical palace, with phenomenal French gardening outside. Another nice residence is Hoftber, situated almost in the center of capital. If you also like to see some interior design go for a trip to Belveder Palace, inside you will find an interesting collection of furniture, paintings and other objects from each period of time. And if you better like to explore some medieval monument, you shouldn’t miss a trip to the Saint Stephan cathedral, true masterpiece of Gothic architecture.

Castles of Austria

On the area of entire country you may visit plenty of astonishing castles, from every part of the time. The biggest amount is situation in Tirol, region of Austria, in Alps. In Reutte, small village in mountains, you will explore one of the oldest castles in the world, named Ehrenberg. Situated inside the wild forest, on the top of the mountain. Another nice building from medieval times can be found in Tratzberg, castle was named after the city. It was founded in twentieth century and still is in very good shape. Especially inside of the building is worth to be explored. And if you prefer Romanesque architecture go for a trip to the Kufstein Fortress.