Berlin for a longer weekend

When spring is coming plenty of Polish travelers are taking a longer weekends off to get a chance of a sightseeing in any interesting metropolis. Nowadays this option is very available, cause cheap airline companies are offering fantastic deals on flights here. You are thinking about trip like that? Visit capital of Germany, it is amazing.

Mode of transportation

If you are living in the western part of Poland a trip to the Berlin by car or train won’t take longer then four hours. You may use your own car, book a seat in a bus or use a train. Last option is more expensive, but it give you an opportunity to admire amazing landscape. Another option for you to take is a plane, especially if you are living close to one of Polish airports. If you arrange a trip fast enough it is possible that you will pay less than 100 zlotys in both sides! It is amazing opportunity, even if you are living in Wroclaw, case it may be cheaper that bus.


During the last war Berlin was totally destroyed, so many of tops monuments are no longer there. However still you may find some nice pieces of architecture, like Brandenburg Gate for example. It is monumental construction, founded in the late, eighteenth century. Another beautiful building from the Classical style is the Palace in Charlotteburg, situated in the district of the same name. Most of it chambers are opened for visitors, you have to go there to admire nice pieces of interior design. Another important monument on Berlin is a huge memorial for the Holocaust Victims. It is one, huge square covered with black stellas, standing one by one. Or maybe you are interested in some nice church? If so, go to the French cathedral, it was founded by the French Huguenots ,which escaped from their country in the eighteenth century.

Another attractions

During the trip to Berlin you have to see at least one out of many museums situated in the capital. it is very easy to do that, cause most of those are situated in the Isle of Museums. You will find in there many spectacular monuments. Like the authentic Gate of Ishtar in Pergamum gallery, Nefertiti statue in National Gallery, amazing collection of German coins in the Bode Museum, or huge exhibition of the top German painters, in the New Gallery. Also if weather will be nice you need to visit zoologist garden. You will find in there very rare species, like panda bears or Royal and Caesarian penguins. And don’t miss a trip to the East Side Gallery, the last remain of Berlin Wall.