Amazing vacations in Vilnius

During the summer season we have a lot more energy to travel whole around the continent, looking for perfect spots for holidays. Borders are opened, passport isn’t needed almost in each European country, and the prices of flights are lower than ever before (check here). If you like to visit some nice metropolis you can go to the Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania.

Mode of transportation

Even if Lithuania is situated close to the Poland, not every person from country has an easy access to Vilnius, cause our country is bog, and western part of it is situated many hours road away. That is why if you are living very far away you can book an airline ticket, from each international airport in the Poland. If you start your organization six months earlier you will have a chance to pay for a ticket really small amount of money. But if you are afraid of airplanes, you can also travel to Lithuania by train, every day some connections are available, but it is a bit expensive. From eastern part of Poland you can also book a bus, it is popular transfer in this area.


Polish people like to visit Vilnius, because it used to be a part of Poland, and a lot of important people for our country were born in here, like Mickiewicz. The most important monument for Polish travelers is  Ostra Gate, remains of the former fortification of old town. It is place of cult and was mentioned into Mickiewicz’s poem. It is situated on the oldest area of city, filled with amazing, historical buildings. You will find in there mansions from each style, like Baroque, Renaissance or Classical. But the biggest pearl on the Main Square is a City Hall, beautiful Classical building, renovated very well. In the area you will find plenty of restaurants, pubs and stores with really high prices. About five minute road from square you will find the most popular street in the city, Pilies. It is important place if you are interested to buy an original, gold amber.

Another attractions

If you are fan of Polish, fat cuisine, you need to have a tour around restaurants in Vilnius, cause also in Lithuania you may eat delicious meal. Really popular, especially during the summer is cold soup in Lithuania style, also popular in Poland. Another important meal are capelins, type of dumplings stuffed with meat and served with grilled bacon. Also beer and another alcohols are very tasty in Vilnius, you can grab a pint of a dark beer or even drink a kvaas, made of fermented bread. It sounds scary but it is actually very tasteful.