Amazing vacations in New York

United States of America is probably the most popular country in the world. Nothing surprising in that, cause thanks to the American movies and TV series people all around the world are familiar with the cities in USA. Since several years costs of flights to this country have been reduced, that is why plenty of Polish travelers are going there. How to prepare for a road?


The most popular city in the States is probably New York, and even flights are the cheapest to this location. But before you even start to look for the perfect offer, you need to get your visa first. Cause unfortunately, Polish travelers still require this type of document if they like to enter the States. First thing you need to do is to arrange a meeting with American consul, you may proceed that online. At the same page you will find a list of the documents you need to collect before the interview. The conversation has to be in person, that is why you will have to go to Cracow or Warsaw. Not everyone is getting a visa, however if you are not any former prisoner you should have no problem with that.

The best attractions

If you are looking for a place with all attractions possible, New York is a perfect city for you. Do not miss the trip to Manhattan, the most popular district of NYC. Next to the sea shore you will find plenty of skyscrapers, one of the tallest in the entire world. The most interesting are Chrysler and Empire State Buildings, both decorated in Art Deco style in the beginning of twentieth century. Another interesting monument is the Statue of Liberty, the symbol of entire America. it is situated on the small island, about 10 minutes road by ferry from the shore of Manhattan. In the crown of a statue you will find an observational deck. In this part of the city you can also find plenty of old mansions, build in nineteenth century.

Another attractions

In another district of New York, Bronx, you will be able to find one of the biggest zoologist gardens in entire world. You will find in there all types of rare animals, like panda bears, penguins or white lions. If you like to feel the spirit of NYC go for a tour to the Central Park, the biggest area of green in the middle of metropolis. It is very popular place in the city, citizens enjoy to spend in here many days during the week. If you get sick of NYC you can also go for a trip to another cities in States, like Miami or Los Angeles for example. You only have to book domestic flights, it is very cheap option.